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Feng Shui Your Bedroom
by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS in Ed., Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton
What to Avoid in the Feng Shui Bedroom

Death Position (your body in direct line with bedroom door so you
could be dragged by your feet out the door.) Big Feng Shui Bedroom

Bed right up against a toilet on other side of wall or toilet directly
above or below bed on another floor of the house or in another
apartment (bad for your health.) Another Big Feng Shui Bedroom

Your body in direct line with the bathroom door. Again, a Big Feng
Shui Bedroom Don't! If there is a bathroom door, close it when you
are sleeping to protect you from negative energy. If there is no door,
hang a
30 mm Hanging Crystal, or use a Negative Energy Blocker
on the floor to block the negative energy from the bathroom.

Head of your bed under or up against a window. This position is
preferable to the previous positions, but it can make you feel insecure
or unsafe. To offset the security issues, use a bed with a solid

Storing items under your bed. Another Huge Feng Shui Bedroom
Don't! Energy needs to flow around you while you sleep and if you
store anything under your bed the energy is obstructed and your
sleep is disturbed and your energy will be depleted. Additionally,
anything you store under your bed can affect your sleep. If you keep
negatively associated items like divorce paperwork or bankruptcy
papers under your bed you might be having nightmares about your
troubles. Take all these things out from under your bed. Even better,
get them out of your bedroom. Do not sleep with your troubles.

Storing items over your bed. Yet Another Large Feng Shui Bedroom
Don't! Things physically hanging over your head symbolically
represent life problems 'hanging over your head.' You may also have
difficulty sleeping because you have a fear, that you may be unaware
of, that something might fall on your head. Children are most
susceptible to that. This is why it is important not to have shelves,
book cases, toys, heavy items that might fall on you, or anything
protruding from the wall over your bed while you are sleeping.

Having a bedroom that does not look like a bedroom. Bedrooms
should be goal oriented - sleep and maybe romance. Offices in the
bedroom make sleep and romance very unlikely to occur. This is one
of the reasons why computers do not belong in the bedroom. If you
are having trouble sleeping because you have bills on your mind,
make sure you do not store your bills or pay your bills in your
bedroom. Same for schoolwork. And children's bedrooms that look
like toy stores have too much Yang energy (awake) and are too much
fun to sleep in. Televisions are only a problem for people who have
problems sleeping.

Stagnant energy (stale energy that does not move, a form of
negative energy) in the bedroom. It is easy to forget to clear the
energy in the bedroom. You can clear energy by burning
candles or
incense, ringing bells or gongs, spraying aromatherapy sprays, using
natural crystals, or many other methods. If you are not sure of how
to space clear using the other tools, there is nothing simpler or
quicker than aromatherapy sprays.
Herbal Magic Pillar Candle - Love
Crystal Journey Candle's herbal magic candles with affirmations
Love Intention Candle. Each of their herbal
magic candles has been designed with a specific intention using a unique blend of essential oils created
by Crystal Journey Candles. These are Reiki charged candles! Each candle comes with an affirmation and
inspirational message. The
Love candle is pink and the ingredients are olive oil, patchouli, rose, clove,
lavender, and dragon's blood.
Use this candle to attract someone to you and find love. 7 1/2 inch high
herbal pillar aromatherapy candle.
Herbal Magic Pillar Love, love candle, reiki candle, love reiki candle, feng shui bedroom, two pink candles, two feng shui love candles, Feng Shui Bedroom
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30 mm Swarovski Hanging Crystal, 30 millimeter crystal, 30 millimeter Hanging crystal, Feng Shui hanging crystal, Feng Shui Crystals, Round Swarovski Crystal Faceted on Red Cord 9 inches, Feng Shui Bedroom Article, feng shui bedroom
Negative Energy Blocker
Exclusive to this store! Unique device used to block
negative energy and increase positive energy in any room
in your home or office. Includes 2 Large reproduction
Chinese coins (2 inches each, with Dragon and Phoenix
symbols on the backs) on red ribbon.
Negative energy
could be entering your
home or bedroom from many
sources, you need to be protected!
Exclusive to Zen Appeal!
Dream Big Dream Catcher
Dream Catchers are an Ancient Chippewa tradition. When a Dream Catcher is
hung over a bed,
it will catch your bad dreams in the webbing and let the good
dreams pass through
the holes in the web. The feathers hanging from the
Dream Catcher direct good dreams to the dreamer and increase positive energy.
This will
ensure pleasant sleep and good dreams for those who sleep under
the Dream Catcher.
One large central Dream Catcher web and four smaller
Dream Catcher webs. Rainbow threads red orange and blue, with beads and
real feathers. Overall length is approximately 27 inches, width is approximately
14 inches.
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Swarovski Romance Heart Hanging Crystal, love crystal, Rose Quartz, Beaded Hanging Heart Shaped Swarovski Crystal, Feng Shui Marriage Relationship area, feng shui love cure, feng shui love, Feng Shui Love Symbols, Feng Shui Bedroom
Large Love Word Stone
Large Love Word Stone or Mantra Totem is carved with the
word Love to help you
focus your energy on Love. The word Love is
carved in both English and Chinese to reinforce the message of the
Word Stone. Use these stones to get what you want in life.
Appropriately sized (approximately  3 1/2 inches x 2 1/2 inches
tumbled freeform stones) to place in an appropriate Feng Shui area
of your home or office or desk. The stones are heavy in weight so you
use them to hold on to something or someone you want to
. Large Love Word Stone can also be used in a Zen Garden to
focus your energy on Love. Color varies from light to dark gray.
Large Love Word Stone, Feng Shui Word Stone, Mantra Totem, Feng Shui Love Symbols, Feng Shui Marriage Relationship area, feng shui love cure, feng shui love, Feng Shui Bedroom
Negative Energy Blocker, feng shui protection symbol, feng shui protection cure, feng shui block negative energy from boarder, feng shui block negative energy from bathroom, feng shui block negative energy from teenager bedroom, feng shui bedroom
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30 mm Swarovski Hanging Crystal
This faceted round genuine Austrian Swarovski crystal is hanging from a traditional
red cord (for complete protection.) All faceted crystals clear a room of negative energy
replacing it with with positive energy, deflect negative energy, and protect you from
poison arrows (a form of negative energy) and harm. Hangs 9 inches. The crystals
hang nine inches because nine is the most energetically powerful number in Feng
Swarovski Romance
Heart Hanging Crystal
Heart shaped faceted crystals
increase romance and love.
Whether you have found your
true love or are still looking, the
Swarovski Romance Heart
Hanging Crystal will be
beneficial. It will increase the
romance energy in your life. 28
mm Swarovski heart shaped
crystal on gemstone hanger.
This faceted heart shaped
genuine Austrian crystal is
hanging from a string of
smaller crystals and pink and
white beads including a clear
faceted 4mm genuine Austrian
Lead Crystal by Swarovski, a
rose colored faceted 4mm
genuine Austrian Lead Crystal
by Swarovski and a heart
shaped Rose Quartz crystal.
Rose Quartz crystals improve
all relationships, especially
romantic relationships. The
Rose Quartz has been
energetically cleansed and
programmed to amplify the
powerful energy and Feng
Shui properties of the crystal.
All faceted crystals clear a
room of negative energy
replacing it with positive
energy, deflect negative
energy, and protect you from
poison arrows (a form of
negative energy) and harm. It
includes pink and white beads
which are appropriate for
improving the Feng Shui
Marriage and Relationships
area. Perfect for a bedroom
window or wall. Beautifully
romantic, each hanger is
completely unique, fully hand
strung, and filled with the
artist's intention of romance,
good relationships, and strong
marriage for those who hang
it. The Heart shaped crystals
are genuine Austrian Lead by
Swarovski. Total length around
13 inches. Comes in FREE
Black velour drawstring bag.
Exclusive to Zen Appeal!
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