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Feng Shui Wealth Symbols
by Leslie Jacobson, MA, MS in Ed., Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Consultants of Boca Raton
There are many items that you can use to represent your Feng
Shui Wealth goals, here are some great examples for you.

Something that represents wealth to you, like your first paycheck,
is a personal Feng Shui wealth symbol. Place that personal item in
your wealth area (when looking in from the front door it is the
back left corner of any home or room) to attract more money to

Items that are
purple, gold, and green all symbolize wealth. You
do not have to paint your wealth area one of those colors, but
you might choose to include one of those colors in your decor.

Chinese Coins (Imperial Coins, round with square hole in center,
also called Feng Shui Coins or I-Ching Coins), both authentic and
replicas, are an excellent symbol of wealth, prosperity, and
security. Ancient Key shaped coins, and Bagua shaped coins
(which were used as amulets) also attract money to you. You can
buy Chinese Coins individually, on hangers or bells, or inside a red
envelope or brocade purse. Another effective use for Chinese
Coins of all kinds is Feng Shui Jewelry. Chinese Coin Jewelry is a
wonderful way to attract wealth energy to you all day long.

Hong Bao or Ang Pao or Lai See (
Lucky Fortune Gift) are 3
Chinese coins tied together with red ribbon and placed inside a red
envelope. Traditionally it is given at Chinese New Year by married
couples to single couples to share the wealth of their love and
prosperity. Throughout the year these packets of wealth luck carry
with them strong money symbolism so it is customary to place
them in your Wealth area and carry one with you in your wallet or

Bamboo Plants represent wealth and prosperity as well as
longevity and good health. Buy your plant from a knowledgeable
shop and get care instructions. Keep your plant in the Wealth area
of the home or office or of any room only if that is best for the
plant. As with all plants, make sure your Bamboo is healthy. If you
see any signs of poor health remove the plant immediately and put
it outside for disposal. Sick plants will only rob you of wealth

Gold Ingots represents money coming to you. In Feng
Shui, the Gold Ingot symbolizes actual gold bullion used in ancient
China as large currency. The Chinese Gold Ingot is a Traditional
Feng Shui Cure and Chinese New Year prosperity symbol. Ingots
are often in the hands of Buddha, under Feng Shui Turtles and
Frogs, in Feng Shui Hangers and sold separately. However
displayed, they enhance your wealth.

Dragons bring you wealth energy, but they do something much
more important for you. Dragons symbolize your power to control
situations and your own life, especially economic issues. So
Dragons give you the power to take control of your money
problems. You will often find Dragons as figurines, bells, hangers,
and Feng Shui Jewelry.

Lucky Cats symbolize wealth. The Lucky Cat with its right paw
raised brings money and happiness to both homes and
businesses. The Lucky Cat with its left paw raised attracts
customers to businesses, stores, or offices by waving new
patrons into the store or waving to the clients to do business with
the company. Profits will be the end result. When both arms are
up, money, happiness, and customers are all attracted to either
homes or businesses.

Ho Tai Buddha (the chubby, happy, laughing Buddha) are symbols
of good luck and great fortune. They are usually found with
additional money symbols on the statues. Sometimes you will find
them sitting on a huge gold ingot or dancing on a money bag. The
large ingot and the money bag both represent greater wealth and
abundance. They usually have large earlobes, which also symbolize

Most of these items can be placed in the Feng Shui Wealth and
Prosperity area (when looking in from the front door it is the back
left corner of any home or room.) Always follow the placement
instructions that come with the items when you purchase them.
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Red Dragon
Dragons are an extremely powerful and auspicious symbol in Chinese culture and Feng
Shui. The dragon is a good willed creature that has descended from Heaven. It rules the
sky and land. Dragons symbolize your
power to control situations and your own life,
especially economic issues. The Red Dragon brings good luck to a business. This
will bring you prosperity, good health, and love. Lovely red resin action posed
Chinese Dragons (poses vary,) approximately 3 inches wide and 2 inches high.
Red Dragon, Chinese Dragon, feng shui dragon, feng shui red dragon, feng shui money dragon, money dragon, love dragon, feng shui love dragon, power dragon, feng shui power dragon, feng shui good luck for business
30 mm Swarovski Wealth Prosperity Hanging Crystal, 30 millimeter crystal wealth crystal, Feng Shui Wealth Symbol
Large Prosperity Word Stone, Feng Shui Word Stone, Mantra Totem, Feng shui ten dollars
Lucky Cat Happy Business
Adorable 2 inch (approximate size)
acrylic Lucky Cat (also called
Maneki Neko or Money Cat or
Beckoning Cat) with
left paw
raised to attract customers to
businesses, stores, or offices
The left paw is waving new patrons
into your store or waving to your
clients to do business with you.
Purple, for wish fulfillment.
Lucky Cat Happy Business Purple, Lucky Cat Happy Business, Feng Shui Lucky Cat, Maneki Neko, Money Cat, Beckoning Cat, acrylic lucky cat with left paw raised, Lucky Cat
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30 mm Swarovski Wealth
and Prosperity Hanging
Swarovski Wealth and Prosperity
Hanging Crystals help you
increase your prosperity. They
increase your economic
opportunities and your wealth
energy. 30mm Round Swarovski
Crystal on gemstone hanger. This
faceted round genuine Austrian
Swarovski crystal is hanging from
a string of beads including
semi-precious Amethyst, clear
faceted 4mm genuine Austrian
Lead Crystal by Swarovski, and a
purple Cat's Eye Crystal bead. All
faceted crystals clear a room of
negative energy replacing it with
positive energy, deflect negative
energy, and protect you from
poison arrows (a form of negative
energy) and harm. The Wealth and
Prosperity Hanging Crystal
includes a purple Amethyst crystal.
Amethysts are used to increase
wealth, prosperity, and abundance
by helping you deal with your
financial and legal problems. It
includes purple beads which are
appropriate for Feng Shui Wealth
and Prosperity. The Amethysts
have been energetically cleansed
and programmed to amplify the
powerful energy and Feng Shui
properties of the crystals. Each
hanger is completely unique, fully
hand strung, and filled with the
artist's intention of wealth and
prosperity for those who hang it.
Total length around 13 inches.
Exclusive to Zen Appeal!
Large Prosperity Word Stone
Each Large Prosperity Word Stone or Mantra Totem is carved with the
word Prosperity to
help you focus your energy on Prosperity. The
Prosperity is carved in both English and Chinese to reinforce
the message
of the Word Stone. Use these stones to get what you
want in life. Appropriately sized (approximately  3 1/2 inches x 2 1/2
inches tumbled freeform stones) to place in an appropriate Feng Shui
area of your home or office or desk.
The stones are heavy in weight
so you can use them to hold on to something
or someone you want
to keep. Large Prosperity Word Stone
can also be used in a Zen
Garden to focus your energy on Prosperity
. Color varies from light to
dark gray.
Kwan Yin Dragon Necklace
Kwan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.
She brings peace to
monetary situations
. The Chinese Dragon represents your ability to control
your life situations, especially
your money problems. This necklace features a
double sided coin shaped charm. Kwan Yin Dragon charm is Antiqued Brass
Pewter, 30mm and on red cord (for protection).
Bring peace to your financial woes and
take control over your purse strings!
Kwan Yin Dragon Necklace, Fertility Necklace, Fertility Jewelry, Feng Shui Fertility Necklace, Feng Shui Fertility Jewelry, Kwan Yin Fertility Jewelry, Kwan Yin Fertility Necklace, Wealth Necklace, Money Necklace, Feng Shui Wealth Necklace, Feng Shui Money Necklace, Dragon Money Necklace, Dragon Wealth Necklace, Feng Shui Kwan Yin necklace, Feng Shui Dragon Necklace, Dragon Necklace, Kwan Yin Necklace, Feng Shui Fertility Symbol, Feng Shui Fertility Cure
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Feng Shui Wealth Deity
Increase your wealth energy with this traditional Feng Shui wealth god. This Feng Shui
Wealth Deity was a man named Zhang Li (Tua Peh Kong) who survived great disaster. He
symbolizes great wealth, excellent health, safe seas and protection from harm. The Feng
Shui Wealth Deity has a gold ingot (
powerful wealth symbol) in his right hand, a ruyi (a wish
granting scepter) in his left hand, and the Chinese
Good Fortune character (bringing good
luck and whatever you want in abundance.) This golden colored Feng Shui Wealth Deity
the power to bring you wealth
, good health, and safety. Approximately 3 1/2 inches high,
shiny gold with red and black features.
Genuine Lucky Fortune Gift
3 Genuine Ancient Chinese Coins (approximately 1 inch
each real Chinese coins - Brass about 1000 years old hand pressed
round Chinese Coins with square hole in center)
hand tied together
on red ribbon
, and one lucky Chinese red envelope. For
generations these Chinese coins have been in people’s hands,
people’s pockets, used to fulfill people’s dreams. Three Chinese
coins are used because, in Feng Shui, three coins symbolize your
money always being replenished.
Great for increasing wealth by
placing inside wallet, purse, handbag, checkbook, cash box, cash
register, safe, dresser drawer, desk, under doormat etc. Lucky
Fortune Gifts are called Hong Bao in Mandarin, Ang Pao in Hokkien
and Lai See in Cantonese.
Traditional Chinese gift for Birthdays,
Chinese New Year, Weddings or any occasion.
Exclusive to Zen Appeal!
Real Coins
Genuine Lucky Fortune Gift, Genuine Ancient Chinese Coins, Brass Chinese Coins, Round Square Hole, Hong Bao, Ang Pao, Lai See, Chinese Birthday Gift, Chinese New Year Gift, Real Chinese Coins, Tied with Red Ribbon, Red Envelope, Chinese coins Feng Shui, Feng Shui Coins, Chinese Coins
Gold Ingot, Feng Shui Gold Ingot for Wealth Luck, Feng Shui Gold Ingot, Golden Ingot, Ingots, Yuan Bao, Jin Yuanbao, Gold ingots, Chinese Gold ingots, Chinese Golden ingots, Chinese Gold ingot, Chinese Golden ingot, gold sycees, sycees, Wealth Ushering Gold Ingot, Chinese New Year ingot, feng shui money ingot, feng shui wealth ingot, Chinese ingot, Feng Shui Business Cure, Feng Shui Wealth Cure, Brass Gold Ingot, Feng Shui Ingot, Chinese Coin, Chinese Gold Bullion, heavy gold Ingots, heavy gold Ingot, Chinese New Year prosperity symbol, Traditional Feng Shui Cure, Feng Shui wealth symbol, Feng Shui money symbol
Gold Ingot
with a Gold Ingot. The Feng Shui ingot
represents money coming to you. This Chinese
Gold Ingot symbolizes actual gold bullion used
in ancient China as large currency. The exterior
of the Jin Yuanbao or Yuan Bao (Gold Ingot) is
embossed with Chinese Coins and there is a
good fortune message on the bottom. The
Chinese Gold Ingot is a Traditional Feng Shui
Cure and Chinese New Year prosperity symbol.
The Gold Ingot is Brass covered in shiny gold.
This Chinese Gold Ingot is heavy for its size.
Approximately 2 inches long.
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