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Bagua Coin Necklace
Sale Price $10.00 Regular Price $20.00
Bagua Coin Amulet hanging from a Leather cord with Carved Bone beads. Bagua Coin Amulet
design includes auspicious Tai Chi symbol (Yin and Yang), Trigrams, and good luck Chinese
symbols on the front. On the back of the Bagua Coin Amulet there is a good luck incantation
written in Chinese. The saying asks for
protection from all evil forces and safety and good
energy to come
. Wear this striking necklace to display your love of Feng Shui, protect yourself
from harm
, increase your good luck, and make a fashion statement. The bagua coin charm is
Exclusive to Zen Appeal!
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50 % OFF
Money Necklace
Sale Price $5.00 Regular Price $10.00
Wear this Money Necklace and increase your wealth and prosperity while protecting it.
This Money Necklace features a dyed green quartz gold ingot hanging from an
adjustable 18 to 24 inch red cord. The color green, white quartz and the ingot shape all
symbolize wealth. The ingot represents money coming to you. The red cord will protect
you and your money.
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Power Silver Necklace on Red Cord
Sale Price $19.00 Regular Price $25.00
Sterling Silver Power charm on red cord necklace. Chinese
symbol for Power in Red on one side, POWER in Red (red
color for increased power energy) on other side of two sided
11mm round charm. Help take control of your life with this
charm. The Chinese Character for Power helps you
your physical and emotional strength, power, and energy
Red cord (for complete protection, enhanced energy and good
luck,) knotted in back.
Exclusive to Zen Appeal!
Power Silver Necklace on Red Cord, Power feng shui jewelry, red cord for protection feng shui jewelry, Feng Shui Jewelry, Feng Shui Money Jewelry
Power Silver Necklace on Red Cord Only 1 Left
24% OFF
50 % OFF
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Chinese Coin Leather Necklace
Sale Price $5.00 Regular Price $12.00
Trendy and casual necklace, for guys and gals. An authentic reproduction of an
1 inch Imperial Chinese Coin (round with square hole in center)
hanging from a hand sewn red ribbon on a 17 inch Black Leather Cord with clasp.
Exclusive to Zen Appeal!
Chinese Coin Leather Necklace, Feng Shui Coin Jewelry, Feng Shui Money Jewelry, chinese coin jewelry, chinese coin charm, Chinese coin necklace
Chinese Coin Red Cord Necklace Only 1 Left
Firecracker Hanger
Sale Price $9.00 Regular Price $14.00
Firecrackers are a common space clearing tool in China. They clear negative energy and
protect the space and people. Representations of Firecrackers do the same. In addition to
being a talisman, firecrackers represent power. They can be used to energize any Feng
Shui Bagua area or stagnant area.
Firecracker Hangers are often hung by cash registers,
during Chinese New Year,
or at Chinese weddings because they are protective, clearing
and energize the area.
Additionally, they can be added to any Feng Shui cure to make it
more powerful. The Firecracker Hanger features imitation firecrackers hanging from a
medallion including the Chinese symbol for Good Fortune and other Good Luck Chinese
characters. Also featured on this Firecracker Hanger is a
gold ingot and two oranges for
wealth and abundance in the Chinese New Year
. The Firecracker Hanger also includes
three red tassels for protection and an authentic Chinese Mystic Knot on top. The Mystic
Knot will bring you everlasting love, good health and long life, and protection from all
negativity. It hangs about 18 inches long.

Protect Your New Year when you hang your Firecracker Hanger this
Chinese New Year!
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3-D Dreams Dream Catcher
Sale Price $6.00 Regular Price $9.00
Dream Catchers are an Ancient Chippewa tradition. When a Dream Catcher is hung over a
bed, it will catch your bad dreams in the webbing and let the good dreams pass through
the holes in the web. The feathers hanging from the Dream Catcher direct good dreams to
the dreamer and increase positive energy. This will ensure pleasant sleep and good
dreams for those who sleep under the Dream Catcher. One large central
three-dimensional Dream Catcher web. Tan suede, black threads, with large beads and
real feathers. Overall length is approximately 13 inches, width is approximately 3 inches.
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3D Dreams Dream Catcher Only 1 Left
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Bagua Coin Necklace Only 1 Left
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